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Yoti is your ID,
on your phone.

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Why get Yoti?

One Yoti, many uses

One Yoti, many uses

Your digital identity will make life easier, every day.

Checking people's details

Confirm the person you’ve met online is who they say they are.

Proving your identity to businesses

Save time and money instantly sending verified details. No more scans or photocopies.

Proving your age

Proving your age online and on nights out.

Log in without passwords

Securely register and log into websites without needing a password.

Tackling a growing issue


login attempts are not made by the owner of the account

(Shape Security 2017)


of people no longer trust that passwords keep their data safe.

(TeleSign 2017)


data records stolen every second

(Breach Level Index 2017)


cases of identity fraud reported between January and June 2017

(CIFAS 2017)

Quick and easy to create

Quick and easy to create

Create your Yoti in under five minutes by adding your photo and ID documents using your phone. We transform your details into a digital identity with advanced hybrid encryption keeping it safe.

Do it once and then use it again and again for years to come.

Your data is safe

Your data is safe

Yoti puts the person you can trust most in charge of your data - you.

We use advanced hybrid 256-bit encryption to secure your personal information. The private encryption keys used to encrypt and decrypt your data are stored on your phone. Nobody else has access to these keys, not even Yoti. This means only you can decide who to share your details with. It also means Yoti cannot and will not ever sell your personal information.

Because these keys are unique to you, it’s important you back up your Yoti when prompted. If you don’t backup you’ll need to recreate your Yoti and any passwords you saved in the Yoti Password Manager.

Be the first to know

We’ve always got useful information to share: new country passports supported, new places where Yoti is accepted and more. If you’d like to be the first to know, follow one of the channels below.