Age Verification

A changing online landscape

Being able to access the online world is a right for all, but it is not right that all who are online can access everything. Retailers who sell alcohol, e-cigarettes, knives and other items that would be age-restricted offline are pushing to safeguard these purchases online in such a way that maintains a frictionless, privacy preserving user experience. Producers of adult content are being asked to do the same. At the other end of the age verification scale, young person chat rooms are working to create a safer online environment by keeping older, age inappropriate users, out.

An innovative online identity solution

Yoti is a free smartphone app which allows your users to prove who they are, online and face to face. For your business, it is a way of allowing users to log in to your website without usernames or passwords, and a surefire way of drastically reducing fraudulent activity: Yotis are anchored to government issued documents, like a passport, and a user can only have one Yoti account.

  • Free for users
  • Only allow access to visitors of a certain age
  • Allow log in without usernames or passwords
  • Users only share their age, no other details

What makes Yoti different

Yoti is the world’s first user centric ID solution, underpinned by industry leading security technology. By allowing your customers to own their identity data through the Yoti app, we believe you’ll benefit from a trusting user community, where the risk of fraud is drastically reduced. Trust creates loyalty, and loyal customers will help you maintain your competitive edge.

Working with

NSPCC, the UK’s leading children’s charity, worked with Yoti to create a way for young people to anonymously report indecent images posted online. The application allows children to anonymously prove they are under 18 and consequently able to request indecent images of themselves are removed from websites. Prior to the development of this application, young people had to send a scan of their passport which revealed far more information about young person than was necessary.

Read more about how this solution came about here

Drink Command, a leading self serve beer system, is using Yoti to verify the age of their customers so that their technology can be truly 'self serve' with no need for staff to check the age of their customers first.

"The number one question that customers ask us about self-serve beer systems is "How do you prevent under 18s from accessing the beer"? With Yoti on our Drink Command technology we have found the answer that customers are looking for." - Robbie Ward, Co-founder & Marketing Director, Drink Command

Want to know more?

Danny Whitehorne

Want to know more?

Danny Whitehorne

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