A modern digital
identity platform


Yoti is a digital identity platform that makes it quicker, easier and safer for businesses to verify and authenticate their customers.



Yoti can be integrated into your business in under a day without the need for additional hardware and helps you verify and authenticate customers in seconds.


Uses bank level data encryption to ensure all of your customers’ personal details are stored securely. Details are also encrypted when they are connecting with your business.

Each Yoti created and verified in under 5 minutes

Transforming your business with digital identities

Yoti is the modern way to know who you’re dealing with. Specify the identity data required from your customers and Yoti securely connects you using the mobile they always carry.

QR Codes

QR Codes

QR Codes

Quick Response Codes offer large data storage capacity and are quickly read by smartphones.

Yoti uses QR codes to help businesses connect with customers and share their Yoti profile securely. Whether it’s online login or in person at checkout, Yoti users ‘quick scan’ a bespoke QR code to start the verification process. This, in turn, prompts them to take a selfie or enter a PIN using Yoti to verify their unique identity.

Customers using a mobile to access your site simply tap ‘Use Yoti’ and will be redirected to their Yoti app or prompted to download Yoti.

Facial recognition

QR Codes
QR Codes

Facial recognition

Yoti’s advanced facial recognition technology matches user photos to their government issued ID documents to create a secure digital identity.

Businesses can also request additional authentication by asking Yoti users to take a selfie at point of transaction, adding extra security. Yoti confirms that the face captured is the same person as their registered profile in seconds.

Integrating Yoti with your business

Helping you connect securely

Connect with your customers more efficiently.

The simplest way to connect

Set up a Yoti Page in just a few minutes and start verifying your customers in an instant. Watch our short video to see how simple it is to get started

Tools for developers

Integrate with Yoti in less than a day using our suite of SDKs available in Ruby, PHP, .NET and more.

We also offer plugins for WordPress, Drupal and Joomla.

Put your trust in our award-winning security system

Tested Systems

All user data is held on secure Tier 3 data centres. Yoti undergoes annual independent penetration tests to ensure data is safe.


Verification process

Yoti technology verifies and matches users’ details to their selfies. Additional checks are performed by a trained team in a secure ‘Cleanroom’ to ensure all details submitted are genuine.


Data Storage

Yoti encrypts each piece of information with separate cryptographic keys that are further encrypted with a user key that only the user controls. Images of user documents are stored for seven days. Yoti can't access user data after this.

Level 3

The Yoti app is free to download and use: