Our principles

These core principles help us stay on track and develop Yoti in the right way.

Always act in the interest of our users

Our Guardian Council make sure we stay true to our principles. We’re also a part of the B Corp movement, meaning we consider the impact our decisions have on our users, employees, suppliers, partners and the environment.

Step 1
Encourage personal data ownership

Personal data should be exactly that; personal. The individual should always decide which details they want to share and who with.

Step 2
Enable privacy and anonymity

We believe people should only have to share the minimum information needed to get something done. For example, once someone has set up their Yoti, even we don’t need to see their personal details. So we don’t.

Step 3
Keep sensitive data secure

We use the latest, advanced hybrid encryption to keep your data safe. By scrambling, encrypting and storing your personal information with separate cryptographic keys, we ensure there isn’t one honeypot of data for hackers to target.

Step 4
Keep our community safe

Yoti is a community of people who have proven that they are who they say they are. We will take appropriate legal action if we detect any attempts to break the trust that comes with that.

Step 5
Be transparent and accountable

We will be open about how we operate. Our terms and conditions are meant to be easily understood, with all amends and changes highlighted on our webiste. Meetings with our Guardian Council are also recorded and published to our website.

Step 6
Make Yoti available to anyone

We don’t believe you should have to pay for your digital identity. That’s why Yoti is free for all individuals to create and use.

Step 7

Got questions on what we are doing, or how we are doing it?